Do juice cleanses work

Do juice cleanses work? A question you may well ask. Depending on who you ask, juice cleanses are either natural elixirs intended to detoxify the body or costly fruit sugar-rich systems that do nothing for the waistline in the long run.

There is no evidence of detoxification or purification systems such as juice cleanses that effectively extract toxic substances from the body, according to the National Institute of Health. The body can cleanse away toxins on its own.

You need to look at what is the purpose of a body cleanse detox. Is it it to lose weight or is it to clean internally. For many it is a misconception that a detox will help them lose weight. Not so.

The purpose of reducing solids is to allow the body to flush out waste substance. Therefore allowing the body to remove toxic substance through natural bodily functions without hindrance from solid foods.

While the concept of magically rejuvenating the body with a juice cleanse is common, the body can expel toxins and cleanse away on its own.

  • There is no evidence to say you need to detox your body.

Your body is smarter than you are. You’ve built up detox organs, and your liver and kidneys clear up any waste that you need to leave your body.

Usually, juice cleanses entail a person drinking only fruit or vegetable juices and water for several days.

  • Fresh juices are made from fresh fruits and vegetables.

If making fresh juice is not an option the processed fruit juice you can find in the grocery store. They generally will lack nutritional fibre. Best to include real fruit and vegetables in your meals.

Empty the bin…

When you undertake a juice cleanse, you’re attempting to remove junk food, sugar, and waste from your body. You minimising bloating and you might lose a few pounds, but it’s not a full detox.

People who engage in juice cleansing may kick-start healthy eating habits, and may experience a slight temporary difference in weight. But there is more.

  • Toxins in our bodies are excreted by sweat, blood, and urine..

The importance of Fibre…

The juice cleansers can cost up to $100 for 3-5 days of cleansing. They generally leave out the most important nutrients that will really help the body detox effectively.

When you turn vegetables and fruit into on the shelf (commercial) juice, the fibre is left behind, which is a bad thing. When you think about Mother Nature’s detox foods, they are high fibre foods.

Juice cleanses leave behind the fibre that helps get things going along the GI system. You can think of fibre as a broom sweeping the GI tract.

What is the GI system

The GI tract is a series of hollow organs joined in a long, twisting tube from the mouth to the anus. The hollow organs that make up the GI tract are the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and anus. The liver, pancreas, and gallbladder are the solid organs of the digestive system.

Meal replacements…

Most cleanser promotions come with small meal replacements or allow you to consume small meals to avoid constipation and ensure that you get enough calories.

For those who want to try a juice cleanse, start by removing the unhealthy foods you’ve been consuming.

  • It is cheaper to try a simple vegetarian diet on alternate weeks and you will notice the difference.

During the process…

You probably will not feel good during juice cleanse for a variety of reasons.

During the detox cleansing process you will feel tired and possibly a headache for the first few days of cleansing as your body adjusts to its new feeding resume.

  • Our body absorbs substances from the food we consume, the air we breathe, and the atmosphere in which we live.

Although some of the substances that the body consumes help our physical well-being, others are not as healthy. Any of these compounds have the ability to be harmful to our physical system.

Calorie intake…

You might not take enough calories, or the juices are too high in fruit sugars, so the blood sugar is problematic.

Although eating antioxidant-rich superfoods is undeniably helpful, the belief that they will pass through your body and get rid of toxins along the way is just a misconception.

The kidneys, lymph system, and liver are the body’s real detoxifying devices.

Those who want to cleanse will do so simply by drinking more water and eating more fruit, vegetables and fiber-rich foods. Your body will do the rest.

Your body knows best…

Our body is detoxified by the digestive tract, the liver, the lungs and the kidneys. Juice cleanses can contain fewer calories and fat than regular meals and help us lose weight, but they do not’ detoxify’ anything.

  • Nothing you eat is going to do as good a job as your body can.

Juices rob fruits and vegetables of one of nature’s most important resources for health: insoluble fibre.

Fiber reduces the absorption of sugars and produces even higher energy levels, plus keeps the intestines in good condition by keeping things going and providing a comfortable home for healthy bacteria.


Depending on the type of body and the level of exercise, the body may begin to get into a depressed state after long periods of time with dramatically reduced calories. This is particularly true of women.

Although freshly pressed fruit makes juices far more palatable, a truly balanced juice should concentrate on veggies.

Do not over-juice…

A common mistake when cleansing is overdosing on fruit juices. You have to realise that even because the juice is green doesn’t mean it’s all fruity. Just a few leaves of spinach will turn the juice green.

In reality, juice, which is predominantly fruit, can cause blood sugar spikes and drops at the same time as if you were consuming a chocolate bar.

There’s also no fibre in the juice, which means it’s entering the bloodstream right away.


Too much fruit can lead to too much sugar, and this can have negative effects.

Cleansing should be an opportunity to get in touch with your particular food needs, and juice-based needs should last no longer than 24 hours.

Our body is a friend and an outstanding instructor of what we physically and emotionally need.

Day by day…

If we use a cleanse day as a self-judgment forum then we maintain a negative relationship with the body.

If we can see the cleanse day as a relaxing day where we can listen to the body instead, we can start feeling much better. We want our body to feel at ease so it’s nice to be kind to it.

Cleansing will make you feel refreshed when performed correctly, while offering health-enhancing benefits.

Re-defining what a cleanse is, exploring ways to integrate it into a balanced lifestyle, and see it as a caring method of self-care.

Though food itself can not detox your body, it can nourish and sustain the organs that do.

The right diet, backed by close and tailored medical guidance, will help the body to get rid of toxins and promote a increasing sense of wellness and well-being.

Eat fruit and veg combos…

Various fruits and vegetables contain various classes of nutrients. The’ key’ can be found in the combination of types that are naturally synergistic; in other words, work together to ensure that we have a healthy and natural cleansing effect.

Some believe cleanses are all white-knuckled discipline. They do not need to be. Mix it up a bit.

A day without…

A day without processed food can be used as a rest day for your body and mind, where you can eat without bargaining between take-out bars or granola bars.

You’re meant to eat when you’re hungry but pick a protein-rich snack with complex carbs. The protein will boost your metabolism.


All who exercise should take into account their level of activity before making any dietary adjustments, particularly when it comes to calorie cutting.

Taking into account the degree of exercise is critical as most days of cleansing or resetting are lower in calories. When you’re more busy, you’ll probably need some whole-food snacks to complement it.


If you’re a first time cleanser, consider eating a whole natural diet one day a week to start with.

It takes courage to say’ no’ to one-day treatments and fast food. And yes, a day of cleansing can be about being healthy for you.

It’s not about weight or how the body feels to take the opportunity to reset. It’s about enhancing your food relationship to make you feel proud of what you put in your body. It’s about how food will make you really feel amazing.

Like, subscribe, juice.


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